Richard BRANSON (cf. video) is one of the most famous and popular entrepreneurs. He started his first business, a Student magazine, at the age of 15. And went on to create multiple businesses in all fields ranging from records to cola. Through trial and error, he made it a business empire called the Virgin Group, a global conglomerate comprised of 400 companies.

Moreover, Richard BRANSON is among the top 3 private players aiming for space conquest. Beside Jeff BEZOS with Blue Origin and Elon MUSK with Space X, Richard BRANSON has a company specialized in space suborbital flights called Virgin GALACTIC aimed for the public. And just like his space pals, Richard BRANSON is a billionaire who is determined to reach his goals.

Below are 3 selections from his best quotes.

1- “Manage your mobile don’t let it manage you”

One of the greatest challenges of today’s world is in the palm of our hands. Instead of controlling, we are under control. It used to be cable and television. Now it’s internet and smartphone. Of course the smartphone is smart. But we are even smarter. We are the ones who made it. So we can take back our control. And it’s very important we take back and keep our control.

Richard BRANSON’s way of taking and keeping control is the following. A pen for writing. And a bloc note for taking notes. Richard BRANSON is a great fan of to-do lists and daily goals. According to him, it’s thanks to this habit that he was able to startup many of his businesses and help others do likewise as a business angel investor. In fact, taking notes helps in so many ways. It helps in memorizing better, brainstorming, coming up with and keeping new ideas, managing time, and making decisions.

2- “Storytelling is as old as the campfire, and as young as a tweet. What moves people is someone who is credible”

Honesty brings modesty. Modesty brings people. And people bring success. If we want to sum up Richard BRANSON’s way of life. These first three sentences do the job. It’s what makes him credible, likable and respected all around the world. One of the tricks he uses along the way is called storytelling. Or the art of telling a story mentioned in a previous article here.

To tell a good honest story, the easiest way is to tell your own story. And your own story should be good or worth telling. It is one of the reasons Richard BRANSON prefers spending his money on experiences such as travelling around the globe, setting new records while sailing across the seas, and playing extreme sports, rather than on materials such as fancy cars. It is to better his own life story, to better his social life and to better his social skills.

3- “The most important thing is to not be put off by failure”

Trial and error is what gives the mojo to any successful person. And if you take time to look back and imagine yourself as a baby trying his first walk, you will see that this ability to walk starts with failures. So many failures, yet you don’t stop. You want to walk. So you keep pushing forward and trying again. You know you can do it because so many adults who look similar to you are able to do it. Once you manage your first step you feel empowered. The next steps follow. With time, you are walking as an adult.

Richard BRANSON has a favorite phrase he uses to encourage and boost his team members. And this phrase is similar to Nike’s slogan. Have you ever heard of it ?  It is well known around the world. I will give you this special phrase. And I expect you to use it very often to overcome any fear of failure. You should also be aware that affirmations are powerful. So please use it wisely 🙂

The phrase is the following: “Screw it! Just do it!”.


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