Why ? To influence, share, gain charisma and for many other reasons. Storytelling is present everywhere without us noticing. Presidents from Bush to Sarkozy won their elections. Brands from Nike to Zara sold their products. Media from CNN News to NewYorkTimes broadcasted breaking news about the presidents and advertised the brands. All thanks to Storytelling !

Meanwhile, we struggle in group conversations with family, friends or colleagues because we don’t use Storytelling the way we are supposed to. We don’t even know the fundamentals. Let alone master it. And that’s a pity.

How ? To learn how to use it you will find below 3 of the best free tips I found on this topic. Get them, practice them, and own them. For your own good. For your own wellbeing. And for your own success.

What ? Storytelling is the art of telling a story. One of the best tools you could ever use to convey your message in your personal or professional life. Be it for a date, an interview, a sales pitch or any kind of negotiation. It has been there since the beginning of humanity and will stay there for the next ages to come. It is also the most effective way to speak with your heart and merge meaning with emotions.

1- Simple


Back when I was in Morocco at the American Language Center to learn English as a beginner, I had a guitar artist as a teacher who used to play the famous song “Wild World” of Cat STEVENS (cf. Video below). And I remember asking him once about the most effective way to write for the upcoming exams. His reply was: “Jamal, just KISS it !”. I was surprised. I immediately thought to myself: “Kiss it ?!? Kiss who ??”. Of course there were some female classmates. But I wasn’t going to kiss anyone… Unless.

You never know what kind of mischief your English teacher have been into. So I was hoping the teacher would help me get laid. I got so happy and excited just thinking about it. But just to make sure, I replied back: “I don’t understand”.

That’s when he said: “Guys! Remember this well. It is very important. By KISS it, I mean Keep It Short and Simple.”. Unfortunately, there was no getting laid that day. I was disappointed and felt a little bit sad 🙁

However, I learned something valuable and unforgettable. KISS it, means Keep It Short and Simple 😀 😉

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2- Unexpected

Did you know that today a human being lives on average only 26 000 days ?

Yes, that’s right. That’s the global average. It’s not a mistake. We live only 26K days on average or 70 years (Just like my date of birth 26/06 :D). Sadly, that’s all we get to spend in this life. I myself was shocked the first moment I heard of it. I was expecting at least millions or maybe billions of days. I never thought of it before. But It seemed to me that a human’s life span is way above that number.

Now, take a moment to notice what I did here. It’s called the unexpected. For those who already knew about the question. You got the idea. You should break the patterns that we have. Bring something that will activate our curiosity and focus our full attention. You can be provocative at times or talk about something unheard of or unusual. As a result, It will stick your idea to the audience memory for life.

3– Authentic

Believable, plausible and convincing. For that, I usually use my personal experience. Unless, it’s something really complex and I need to invent a story. In which case, I use fictional characters. But I find it more authentic to tell my own story and express my own emotions. Today, we call it “Emotional Intelligence”.

And to help me with that, I try to make my social life more interesting by dancing, travelling around the world, meeting new people, etc. In order to get inspiration and stories to tell all my readers. The idea here is to simply tell the truth and be yourself. So instead of staying in bed, you can go out, meet some nice people and enjoy life 🙂

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