Try to imagine a life without shoulds. What would that be?

A life with no rules, no time limits and no constraints at all. It wouldn’t be a life but more like an infinite existence. An existence with no choices, no responsibilities, and no stakes at all. Because you can do all you want. And since you can do all you want it means there are no consequences to measure or evaluate as bad or evil. No Ying or Yong. Meaning, there are no choices to make. No objectives to define. And no goals to achieve.

Considering you have human feelings in that life, the most common will become boredom and dissatisfaction.

Wait a moment! Isn’t that how you feel when you spend all your time on bed surfing the Internet, watching TV and using the smartphone while eating all the fast food you can find home. See, that’s exactly the life of procrastinators and lazy people. Being a slave to the media, to the entertainment, and to the Hollywood industry. Just another sheep that passes by. Just another pawn we dispose of. It is a life you didn’t choose. More like, it chose you.

But can you still change things? Can you still get out of the rat race? Can you still live a real life instead of daydreaming? Yes, you can. Nothing is impossible. Just do it.

How? By making choices. Your first choice can be to start living by shoulds instead of wants. Shoulds can orient your life the way it is supposed to be rather than how it is. It is a simple idea. Yet so powerful and so effective. It is legen… Wait for it. Daaaryyy